In the past two years, the company has undertaken a number of projects. From the supporting design in the early stage to the installation and debugging in the later stage, the technical department of our company is responsible for it, which has made a good start for the company from the distribution business to the development of technology-based projects.

1. Wafangdian Lingdong Sewage Treatment Plant

2. Wafangdian Longshan Sewage Treatment Plant

3Xinmin Shengqingyuan tap water phase 3

Process and Application product Introduction:

Water inlet (between pressure regulation and flow regulation), flocculation (dosing: sodium hypochlorite, PAC), precipitation (mud scraping, mud discharge), filtration (constant level PID, filter backwash)

Hardware s7-1500 series PLC, G120 series inverter, s7-200 SMART series distributed control box, PN, Modbus RTU communication.