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“Unity, Dedication, Integrity” Speech Competition (4)

Date:2013-06-17 16:04:00 Author:hnr_admin

The northeast division of Huaneng Renewables’ speech contest on the subject of “Unity, Dedication and Uprightness” was held in Tongliao on June 6.A staff of 86 from the host company watched the competition.
    Huaneng Renewables attached great importance onto the activity that focused on “gathering the positive energy and pursuing the top-class”launched by Huaneng group. With the grass-roots units well motivated, totally 18 contestants from 14 companies based in Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin and East Inner Mongolia participated in the contest. In a manner of passion and elegance they talked of good examples and moving incidents related to the activity, drawing a picture of how the wind power industry workers strove to overcome difficulties and step forward. After fierce competition, Li Yongchen, representative of Fuxin wind power company won the first prize, with the second prize won by Yao Yitian from Tongliao wind power company, Zhang Yang from Gaizhou company and Zhao Honglai from Hulunbuir company. The 3rd prize was granted to Dong Enlei from Manchuria, Guo Jiaqi from Tongliao, Liu Zongliang from Keyou, Lu Yingzhu、Li Jinpeng from Fuxin and Ge Ying from Baicheng company.
    A meeting was arranged to discuss the enterprise culture establishment where the participants shared their experience and innovative practice, while putting forward suggestions regarding the strengthening of ideological and political work. Representative from the production line said Huaneng Renewables and the grass-roots units paid a lot of attention into the culture construction and workers’ daily life by organizing various activities that were popular with the workers. Other representatives all said they would actively devote to the culture construction and produce practice. Those who dedicated to their work and always made sacrifice to their company were all typical workers of Huaneng wind power industry.

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