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Huaneng Renewables Held Speech Contest Finals

Date:2013-07-03 15:38:00 Author:hnr_admin

Huaneng Renewables held the speech contest finals on the subject of “Unity, Dedication and Uprightness” at the headquarter on June 28. Company leaders and all staff watched the competition via live video broadcast. Ma Dejia, deputy director of the Political Department, Zhang Zhixiang, director of young workers’ union, and Wang Shuyan, director of news center appeared on the spot and served as judges.
    Focused on the subject of “gathering the positive energy and pursuing the top-class”, Huaneng Renewables organized the essay speech contest within the group corporation. Started from April, the contest received support from many branch companies. Presently 126 essays were collected and a staff of 63 had participated in the preliminaries in 4 different divisions. Finally 13 contestants passed rounds of strict tests and went through to the finals. By means of telling stories of themselves and of the team, they expressed great passion to run after their dreams and showed strong ambition to build a world-class energy company, which was truly motivating and inspiring.
    After rounds of fierce competition, Li Yongchen, representative of Fuxin wind power company, won the first prize, with the second prize won by Yao Yitian from Tongliao wind power company and Ma Donghui from Xinjiang Santanghu wind power company. The 3rd prize was won by Liu Wenrui from Weifang wind power company, Xu Jing from Yuanping wind power company, Zhang Yang from Gaizhou wind power company and Zhao Dengfeng from Weihai. The Merit awards were granted to Mei Bowen from Chengde wind power company and other 6 contestants.
    Ma Dejia, deputy director of the Political Department, commented on the speech contest by recognizing the significance and effect of the activity. He also spoke well of the contestants’ wonderful performances and the cultural construction of Huaneng Renewables. The general manager Lin Gang delivered the concluding speech at the end of the contest and highly evaluated the organizing work. He stressed the importance to take this contest as an opportunity to further strengthen the building of enterprise culture and propaganda work, while improving the employees’ identity recognition to the company and the sense of honor so as to better devote to the establishment of a world-class new energy enterprise.


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