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Leaders of Huaneng Corp. Inspected Wind Farms in Liaoning

Date:2013-05-24 13:38:00 Author:hnr_admin

On May 16, 2013, the assistant to general manager of Huaneng Corp. and director of supervision department Qu Xiaojun and staffs from Corp.’s supervision department went to Liaoning to inspect the status of basic-level wind power enterprises and the implementation of anti-corruption work. Mr. Qu and his team listened to the work report made by leaders from relevant basic-level wind power enterprises, visited Zhangbei Wind Farm and Ping Ding Pu Wind Farm, inspected the central control room and booster stations, and conveyed greetings to local wind farm workers. They affirmed the achievements made by these basic-level enterprises and made important instructions on further assignments. Yu Zewei, leader of the discipline inspection group of Huaneng Corp.’s Party committee, also joined this inspection team to Liaoning.  

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