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The Company Held Training Session for Internal Auditors of Safety Production Man

Date:2013-06-13 17:56:00 Author:hnr_admin

In order to strengthen the construction of safety production management system and accelerate its construction pace, Huaneng Renewables held a training session for internal auditors of safety production management system in Changchun on May 30-31, 2013. The experts of safety production management system from Huaneng Group system were invited to carry out on-site teaching. The total of 65 people attended this training, including representatives of Huaneng Renewable’s safety production department, leaders and managers of subsidiary companies who’s in charge of safety production management, and heads of wind farms.  

During the training session, expert of Huaneng Group’s safety production system Wang Taohua explained relevant information on the safety production management system assessment. He mainly introduced relevant concepts of the system assessment, requirements on internal auditors, the organizing process and work methods of internal auditing. He also made a detailed introduction on the internal auditing process and relevant import notice by referring specific cases. He took the system document of Tongyu Company as an example, carefully explained the classification of safety production management system document, its compiling method and the connection relations of various management standards. Jin Dezhi taught about the application of intrinsic safety in safety management. He introduced relevant concepts of intrinsic safety and safety management, and the methods to realize intrinsic safety management in detail. He also emphasized the important role of intrinsic safety management from the perspectives of occupational health safety management and anti-violation management, etc. 

In accordance with what have learned in this training session and the specific system construction work in subsidiary companies, these trainees spoke freely about their ideas and carried out in-depth communication. On one hand, they pointed out some disadvantages that restrict the system construction and its utilization, such as the lack of personnel, expertise and relevant trainings, and heavy production tasks, ect. On the other hand, they also expressed subsidiary companies’ wish of improving safety production management level by taking the system construction as an opportunity. The subsidiary companies wanted to promote the construction of their safety production management system by their own efforts and with the guide and help of higher-level company.     
This training session is the second large-scaled safety production training organized by Huaneng Renewables on May. The timely explanations and introductions in this training were focused on problems and difficulties faced by subsidiary companies in their construction of safety production management system, which will play a supporting role in their future relevant work. 

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