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The Company Held 2013 Training Session for Production Responsible Personnel

Date:2013-05-29 16:37:00 Author:hnr_admin

In order to improve the enterprise’ management level and increase the expertise and management capability of production responsible personnel, the company a held training session for them in Dalian on May 22-24, 2013. Three production management experts from Huaneng Group system were invited to carry out on-site teaching. Vice general manager of Huaneng Renewables Heji, and 36 representatives from safety production department of the company and subsidiary companies attended this training. 
During the training session, vice general manager Heji carried out in-depth analysis on problems and shortcomings of safety management by using typical cases and data analysis. He highlighted key points to safety management, explained the compiling of emergency management and preplan, and emphasized the importance of constructing an emergency management system. 
This training session inspired attended representatives’ further thinking on safety production management work. They all reached a consensus about safety production management. The expected effect of this training was achieved.  

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