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Code of Staff Behaviour for Huaneng Renewables Cooperation Limited

1. Basic Rules
1) Comply with laws and regulations of China and requirements of the company;
2) Be professional, honest, faithful and righteous;
3) Be impartial, the staff should avoid any conflict between personal interest and interest of the company;
4) Build a working atmosphere of equality, mutual respect and trust;
5) Ensure work safety, environment protection and resources conservation;
6) Create and maintain the enterprise culture of harmony, innovation and excellence;
7) Become on-the-job expert, work attentively, focus on comprehensive effects.
2. Environment and Safety
1) The company should commit itself to providing a safe and healthy working environment;
2)  As an enterprise of renewable energy electricity industry, the company should contribute to the construction of conservation-oriented society and sustainable development as well as the improvement of resource use efficiency, economic profits and social efficiency;
3) The following unsafe behaviours and conditions should be avoided:
  a)  Necessary personal protective equipment is not used;
  b) Chemical product is not labeled. Special material is not properly used or disposed;
  c) Appropriate leakage and electric shock prevention steps are not followed when working with electrical equipment or equipment in operation;
  d) No appropriate elevated work protection measure is use;
  e) Work under hanging heavy cargo, or improperly operate equipments such as crane. 
3. Moral Rules
1)  All employees should be honest and trustworthy in business activities, comply with Chinese laws and regulations, implement relevant polices of Chinese government. All employees should maintain the image of Huaneng Group and protect overall interests of the company. 
2)  Being professional and responsible is the best embodiment of the spirit of hardworking and uprightness. All employees should be responsible, self-disciplined, impartial and honest, responsibly treat any assignment, and protect interests of the company as well as interests of the stakeholders. 
3) All employees should face up to the real performance, faithfully report work status, ensure the credibility of reported information and completeness of report process. Any falsified account, quantity or performance should be prohibited.
4) All employees should respect the right of their supervisors, colleagues, subordinates and third party collaborators. Everyone is equal in the company
5) The senior management personnel is responsible for the cultivation of healthy and positive values and attitudes, enhance social responsibility and legal consciousness, and encourage dedication, cooperation, innovation and discipline among all employees.
4. Anti-corruption & Self-discipline 
1) All employees should neither conduct nor take any bribery or commission
2) All employees should not accept any unfair interests by manipulating/using privileged information or taking other unfair measures
3) All employees should be honest and responsible for their words and behaviours when collaborating with business partners
4) All employees are forbidden to acquire any business intelligence of the competitors through illegal or unfair measures
5) All employees should not describe products or financial conditions of competitors with misleading information, false- implying information or any rumor when publicizing our company
6) All employees have the obligation to protect assets of the company. They should prevent any theft or property loss. Anyone should not use company property for any personal purpose
5. Confidentiality Regulations
1) All employees should comply with confidentiality regulations of the company, and take the responsibility of protecting business secret of the company in prearranged confidentiality period
2) All employees should not convey business secret of the company to others
3) All employees should consciously and carefully safekeep confidential documents and their storage media
4) All employees (incumbent or not) should not communicate with anyone, any company or any organization whether with or without profit, and should not use any confidential information without authorized permission or signed confidentiality agreement
5) All employees should comply with company regulations on information disclosure. Anyone is prohibited to disclose confidential information personally or on behalf of the company. Anyone is prohibited to post any comment or spread any false information of the company
6) All employees should not participate in insider dealing or disclose sensitive information of stock price
7) The company should insist on fairness and openess in the public securities market.
6. Appearance Regulations
1) All employees should dress properly and tidily in accordance with company’s regulations
2) All employees should pay attention to personal hygiene
3) Female employees can apply light makeup and wear concise ornaments
4) Male employees should not wear long beard or long hair
5) All employees should not wear uncommon hair styles or weird hair colors. No tattoo is allowed on any exposed body part

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