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Huaneng Renewables always attaches importance to the idea of "talent is the first resource of enterprise" as well as human-oriented business concept. By insisting on the guiding principle of "four respects", namely respect labour, respect knowledge, respect talent and respect innovation, Huaneng plans to build a harmonious relationship between the enterprise and all employees--It takes employees as the enterprise treasure and concerns about their career development. Based on the core of capability construction and roadmap of structural optimization, Huaneng Renewables carried out a series of measures (unity, training, evaluation, incentive, etc. ) to implement talent thriving enterprise strategy, provide platform for staff development, and make all employees grow with the company.

As at 31 December 2016, the Company had a total of 2,222 full-time employees, among which 159 received postgraduate degrees or above (representing 7.16% of the total number of employees), 1,497 received undergraduate degrees (representing 67.37% of the total number of employees) and 566 received college diplomas or below (representing 25.47% of the total number of employees).

The Company had 10 employees aged above 55 (representing 0.45% of the total number of employees); 412 employees aged between 36 and 55 (representing 18.55% of the total number of employees); 1,800 employees aged 36 or below (representing 81.00% of the total number of employees).

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